Episode 10: Well, That Was an Episode Alright

We reflect on the series as a whole, what went wrong in the finale, and what it might've looked like instead. What do we hope to see next?

Episode 9: Coming Full Circle in Tulsa

When the book they need was lost in the 1921 massacre, our heroes have to go back to one of the worst moments in the Freeman family history. More surprises are in store for Tic, but there's also a possibility of reconciliation.

Episode 8: Haunted by White Imagination

While the adults in her life make deals with the devil (Christina), Dee is on her own, stalked by horrible creatures dreamed up in white imagination.

Episode 7: She IS Hippolyta

This episode takes the seasons earlier journeys to a whole new plane. What would you be if you were your freest, fullest self? And how could you ever come back from that?

Episode 6: Can Monsters Love?

Finally, we get to meet Ji-Ah and she's nothing like what we expected. We look at the parallels between her life, Tic's, and those of the episode's supporting characters while asking an important question... can monsters love?

Episode 5: Monstrosity and Metamorphosis

This one's tough. We tackle it on a thematic level and explore embodiedment, monstrosity, control, and what comes after a history of violence.

Episode 4: Trust Issues, Trauma, and Timed Levels

This week's got it all: trust issues, trauma, timed levels, and Tree's Big Adventure. Ruth speculates on the nature of Christina and William's relationship.

Episode 3: Haunted Home Ownership

We follow Leti's emotional journey as she tries to bounce back from the trauma of death and resurrection. How can she make a difference in the world? Healing some ghosts is a good start, but it's so much more badass than it sounds. Also some discussion of racism in astrophysics and how the violence depicted in this show persists today.

Episode 2: Foreboding String Music

Before entering a room, always check for sigils on the door. Our discussion of this second episode of Lovecraft Country is a journey. What is up with...well, everything?

Episode 1: It's Not Arkham

We gibber with excitement over the first episode of Lovecraft Country. From the mysteries of family backstory to terrifying encounters with white supremacists and other hideous monsters, this episode is jam-packed with story and action.