Episode 2: Foreboding String Music

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Wow, the musical captioning on Episode 2 was a journey. Distressed music? Hard same. Eerie music? Seriously. Tender music? I don't trust this. Ominous music... yeah, told ya.

In this episode of the podcast, we ask "what is up with this village?" "who IS this racist dog lady anyway?" "why did your fantasy film ride into my horror?" and "who is this birthright from anyway?" Why is the spoken-word poem "Whitey's on the Moon" a good choice for a ritual taking place 15 years earlier?

We digress on the weird takes Christianity has on Gensis and whether powerful white men can even imagine the untamed fertility of Eden (strict hierarchies and orderings? everything in its place really?). Pour one out for George, who knows that real power is a thorough knowledge of the bylaws.

Rachel: This week, I need you to know about The Black Guy Who Tips podcast. Rod and Karen are a couple from Charlotte, North Carolina, who host this free comedy podcast with the motto "nothings wrong if it's funny". They are funny, incisive, topical, and all around great people. and they produce a LOT of content, including the best recaps in the game. You can hear their Lovecraft Country recaps on episodes 2162 and 2167. Check the archives for recaps of Game of Thrones, Walking Dead, and subscribe to Premium for even more content, including shows like This Too Much where Rod and bestselling author Bassey Ikpi discuss shows like This Is Us, Atlanta, Insecure; The Nerd Off where a panel of black nerds discuss movies, video games, anime, comic books and more, Spoiled Movie Reviews, reviews where they spoil the movies (and you can check out the old episodes of spoiled movie reviews for free as well!)

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Listen to Episode 2: Foreboding String Music

Intro music from "The Ninth Crewman" by Patrick de Arteaga. Outro music "In the Pines" performed by Micah Tillman.