Episode 7: She IS Hippolyta

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We've been on a few road trips this season, but Episode 7 is a full-fledged journey across time, space, and dimensions. After a quick checkin with Montrose (oh dear), Christina (strong bisexual energy), Ruby (on a break, but we think she's hooked), and our main duo, we follow Hippolyta on her journey of discovery.

She is Hippolyta, free and in Paris and being smooth as fuck with Josephine Baker's cigarette. She is Hippolyta, Dahomi Amazon warrior, fighting for her freedom and avenging herself and her ancestors. She is Hippolyta... Discoverer, woman who named a comet. It's a shift from the horror, haunted house, Indiana Jones, and war movie tones so far, and we're delighted with the Afrofuturist aesthetic which comes alive in it.

Voiceover in the episode was from Space is the Place, one of the earliest Afrofuturist works (from the 1970s, before the term was coined). Listen to Sun-Ra, P-Funk (still at it!), and Janelle Monae's Cindi Mayweather Trilogy (Metropolis: Suite I (The Chase), The ArchAndroid, and The Electric Lady).

Titles recommended during the media break:

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Intro music from "The Ninth Crewman" by Patrick de Arteaga. Outro music "In the Pines" performed by Micah Tillman.