Episode 5: Monstrosity and Metamorphosis

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A note on content: Episode 5, "Strange Case," contains a graphic sexual assault. We decided to discuss it in the most abstract terms, not to linger over it, and instead to explore some of the themes we saw throughout the character plots in this episode.

This one's tough. We explore themes of embodiedment, monstrosity, control, and the legacy of last week's "History of Violence." Is Ruby hooked to using this as a tool? Is William real at all, or is he 100% Christina's tool now? (also, Ruth was right!) Can Montrose actually find a path toward healing, or is he just too broken?

Ruth: I've previously shared Nightlight, a horror fiction podcast, in our media break. Creepy and unsettling tales from black authors, performed by black actors. Since then, they've dropped another story, "Last Stop on Route Nine" by one of the greats, Tananarive Due. Family memories, unfortunate encounters, and endless fog trouble the characters as they return home for their grandmother's funeral lunch. Not only can you subscribe to the podcast anywhere you listen to podcasts, you can support it on Patreon, where your money goes to pay the writers and actors and you get bonus interviews with lots of the authors. So don't just listen, join me in the Nightlight Legion. Learn more at nightlightpod.com or Patreon.com/nightlightpod.

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Intro music from "The Ninth Crewman" by Patrick de Arteaga. Outro music "In the Pines" performed by Micah Tillman.