Episode 10: Well, That Was an Episode Alright

#podcast #lovecraft-country

Well, that surely was an episode. We do our best to reflect on the season as a whole and consider why some of these decisions might've been made. We try to identify a few of the things that we felt were missing to have made it work. And how do we feel about where the characters are now? It depends.

We've still got some transcripts to finish, but will be on hiatus otherwise for the foreseeable future.

Ruth: If you're missing Lovecraft Country, we encourage you to check out the IGNYTE awards finalists list for tons of new worlds to explore. The awards are sponsored by FIYAHCon, for BIPOC+ in speculative fiction, to “celebrate the vibrancy and diversity of the current and future landscapes of science fiction, fantasy, and horror." The awards include novels, novellas, short stories, young adult, comics, anthologies, podcasts and more. It includes some of my favorite reading of the last year, plus plenty of stuff for my to-read and listen lists!

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Intro music from "The Ninth Crewman" by Patrick de Arteaga. Outro music "In the Pines" performed by Micah Tillman.