Episode 4: Trust Issues, Trauma, and Timed Levels

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This week's got it all: trust issues, trauma, timed levels, and Tree's Big Adventure. Jurnee Smollett gets yet another acting challenge, just add water. Ruth speculates on the nature of Christina and William's relationship. We shout out shushing kid.

What's going to happen to Ruby next week? Hippolyta is making some choices we support, but we're still worried. And will Tic ever learn to trust Leti? She's already died the once.

Don't miss the post-music stinger, for some thoughts on a classic videogame.

Ruth: This week, I've got a reading recommendation for horror fans looking for another dose of Weird. Victor LaValle's novella, "The Ballad of Black Tom" retells Lovecraft's "The Horror at Red Hook" from the perspective of Tommy Tester, an...entertainer… ok, scammer, swindler, con...who gets in over his head on the night of Robert Suydam's infamous party. Your library might have it, or, pick up a copy at some not-Amazon source. The excellent audiobook version is on libro.fm, an Audible alternative which allows you to support your local bookstore while enjoying audiobooks. Listen to LaValle talk about the book and his take on Lovecraftian horror.

(This isn't an ad, but if you do sign up for Libro.fm, see if your favorite local bookstore's site has a referral link. Or find one on a Black-owned bookstore's site, like Loyalty Bookstore, my own bookstore of choice).

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Intro music from "The Ninth Crewman" by Patrick de Arteaga. Outro music "In the Pines" performed by Micah Tillman.