Episode 3: Haunted Home Ownership

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A content note: We discuss the ways the violence represented in these first 3 episodes has not gone away, from sundown towns to rough rides. While viewers will have seen these, not everyone is aware that Emmett Till is represented in the ouiji scene. After talking about the ways the episode identifies him, the next 2-3 minutes touch on the ways in which the level of white supremacy that led two white men to murder him and get away with it persists today. While it is not graphic, some listeners may want to skip forward 3 minutes (to around minute 28:50).

We follow Leti's emotional journey as she tries to bounce back from the trauma of death and resurrection. How can she make a difference in the world? Healing some ghosts is a good start, but it's so much more badass than it sounds.

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However, we ask whether expedience must come through violation of consent and leverage of apparatuses of state-sanctioned violence. We ask the community to consider whether the future of our field is worth the damage to our relationship with Kānaka Maoli by continuing to criminalize Maunakea protectors on their ancestral land.

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